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Back to the Source

Feb 08, 1994 07:48 AM

To Terry,

I also would like to thank you for your BACK TO THE
SOURCE submission. You and your friends have brought
out many ideas that were in the back of my mind, not
only concerning the discussion of HPB/AAB, but what
is consistently and obviously the state of affairs
among theosophists in general. There seems to be a
common tendency to "give oneself" to a writer because
of a certain chemistry we might "feel" with them at
the expense of a valid understanding of *FOUNTAIN
SOURCE* material, as you put it.

I would like to bring up a point or two for further
elucidation. From time to time, the quote, "In Century
Twentieth some disciple more informed, and far better
fit, may be sent by the Masters of Wisdom........"
It seems to me that most theosophists are interpreting
this "MAY be sent" statement, as if H.P.B. is saying
WILL be sent. My question is: Did the Mahatmas them-
selves express the intent to send anyone else after
Blavatsky? If so, can anyone refer to a quote on this

Another point Terry: You write that 'The Master KH
wrote that "we have broken the silence of the centuries"
in giving out the teachings of Theosophy.....etc'. Can
you explain then why H.P.B. says in the CW Vol XII, that
an opportunity is "given to the world in EVERY last
quarter of a century"? If we are to expect someone to be
sent at this present time, in our 20th century; who then
was it that appeared in the last quarter of the 18th
century, and did the Mahatmas know about it?


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