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Some Comments

Dec 29, 1993 04:59 PM
by Gerald Schueler

Paul.  Please use abbreviations for last names when more than one
first name exists.  For example, call me Jerry S.  This would
eliminate confusion, at least on my part.  Your recent message
refers to "Jerry" who was apparently against your book.  It took
me awhile to discern that, perhaps, this was another Jerry.  I
have already gone on record as liking your book (I still think
that some pictures would help, though).

You mentioned Alexandra David-Neel in your list of TS chelas.  I
was not aware that she was even a theosophist, let alone a chela.
I considered her to be the best and most reliable author of
Tibetan Buddhism that I ever read until the recent influx of
Tibetan teachers, who are writing many excellent books (most are
available from Snow Lion).  My admiration for her is almost equal
to that for HPB.  I hope you include her in your new book.

Brenda.  If I ever said that "each of the globes in the planetary
chain is one of the seven principles" then I apologize.  I don't
think I ever said that, and I am not surprised to hear that Eldon
doesn't agree.  I don't either.  So far as I know, the seven
*principles* refer to human beings and to consciousness
(subjectivity) and not at all to the globes (objectivity).
However, there is a basic occult law acting through all of this:
As above so below.

Eldon.  In the vein of friendly constructive criticism, I found
your recent <Existence in Astral Light and on Globes> to be very
confusing.  I have asked before if you would quote your
sources and you have chosen not to, so I have to assume that your
articles reflect your own personal research and study results.

                                                    Jerry S.

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