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Re: HPB telling lies

Dec 28, 1993 09:16 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Yes, I'll try.

The most obvious case is conflicting stories about HPB's
relations with Morya.  Her letters to Sinnett say she met him
in London and was reunited with him in Tibet, where she studied
with him for an extended time.  But her letters to
Dondukov-Korsakov say that she met a Master in London, on whom
"Gulab-Singh" of Caves & Jungles is based, and never saw or
heard from him again until many years later, when she got a
letter from him in Odessa. She went to India at his orders and
followed instructions received in letters, but NEVER ONCE SAW
HIM and returned to Europe and thence to America.  She was
never reunited with him until taking a trip to Yokahama, Japan,
from America.  This trip never happened.  To Aunt Nadyezhda,
HPB wrote that the Master she met in London was a Buddhist who
lived in Ceylon.  And that she never saw him after the first
meeting, but got a letter from him in New York.  In Caves &
Jungles, the Master met in London is a Hindu prince, living in
central India.  HPB never saw him again for years, until

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