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Metaphysical Humor

Dec 28, 1993 09:16 AM
by Arvind Kumar

I am forwarding a message from soc.religion.eastern which makes
interesting reading (I hope) for us all!

In article, (Marc
Wachowitz) writes:

> Raj wrote:
> >        My house is on fire, and yours too.
> >        All houses are on fire,
> >        What shall we do, brothers?
> So let's not forget: We are living in the same building.
> Everyone's suffering is linked with the suffering of all.
> Everyone's happiness is linked with the happiness of all.
> Everyone's suffering is linked with everyone's happiness.
> >        What shall we do?
> What can I do, face to face with impermanence?
> Every reaction is already too late.
> I do not know where to go.
> I do not know.
> Without an escape, suddenly I see: I'm constantly setting fire on
> the houses.
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>                 Marc Wachowitz <>

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