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HPB telling lies

Dec 28, 1993 08:59 AM
by eldon

Paul J.:

Some may want the Masters to be like the gods of Mt. Olympus, with
incredible non-physical powers. To them, any historic information about
the actual people that where Masters, showing some element of humanity
to them, would be rejected.

It's a natural psychological mechanism to reject things inconsistent
with one's worldview, to filter out any information from the outer
world that would force one to review and possibly change his beliefs.
There may be historic information about the Masters that would be
inconsistent with some beliefs, and it would be ignored or denied.

It would seem reasonable to assume that HPB would protect the identity
of the Masters, and possibly use blinds or be ambiguous or misleading
in what she said about their actual personages, in order to shield
them from public scrunity.

When you say that HPB both told the truth and lied, you need to define
first what you mean by "lie". What did she say, or in what manner did
she say things that were not true?

She may have hidden things under "blinds". Writing about such difficult
matters, she may have unintentionally mislead at times. Have you
identified cases where she told intentional untruths, where she was
telling lies in the common sense of the term?

Do you consider this to happen only in regard to historic events and
to people in her life, or do you also think that she added a lot of
make-believe to the philsophy that she taught as well?

It would be helpful for you to clarify this point, since I would expect
many readers to be seeing red, and becoming quite angry with the
statement. An example with mention of its supporting evidence would be
helpful for us to consider.

I must say that my first reaction to hearing you say that she would
mix lies with the truth is to discount whatever you might say and
not want to review it. That reaction is based upon the connotations
we have with the word "lie", though, where it is considered to be a
terrible word, where we do it in life in countless ways but always
explain it with different words.

Leaving this aside, putting aside the denial that we have to not
telling the truth, the refusal to use the word "lie", let's hear more
about what you mean, and what you've come across. Could you tell us
a bit more?

                           Eldon Tucker (

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