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Comments to Arvind

Dec 23, 1993 05:55 PM
by Gerald Schueler

Arvind. I would not go so far as to say that "all disease
happens on the mental or astral levels first."  Ken Wilber wrote
an excellent article last year in New Age Magazine about this
saying that this belief leads to guilt and doesn't help anyone
very much. He also gives examples where it isn't true. For
example, if you become exposed to radioactive material, you can
get cancer no matter how "good" your thinking is. Of course, I
believe that karma must be added to the equation somewhere as
well. The fact is, you can get disease from physical causes and
not just from mental or astral causes. But, perhaps, this itself
is your karma?

You seem to be confusing the planes in what you said. "Does this
mean that I have already sent this message on the Astral, or
(hopefully) Mental plane?"  Yes. You sent it out on the mental
plane when you thought it. "Does this discussion group exist on
the Mental plane?"  Let me answer by saying that all of our minds
exist on the mental plane and nowhere else. Only our physical
bodies are located on and limited to Globe D on the physical

Our "true nature" is not a "Dhayan" Chohan. As we evolve, we
will progress from the human kingdom to that of the Dhyani
Chohans (who reside above the lower four cosmic planes), but that
will be as illusive as the human and animal and all of the rest.
I firmly believe that we are, in our very inner essence, a divine
monad - a spark of divinity. All of the other monads that
theosophical literature talks about are temporary and
mayavic. For example, we have a "human monad," but this is only
on Globe D and thus it is temporary and will dissipate like mist
on the day that we recognise our true nature. Our true nature is
divine, which is one step up from the spiritual. We have a monad
on each cosmic plane, but only the divine is eternal and
infinite, the others all being its expression.

                                        Jerry S.

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