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time of the winter solstice

Dec 23, 1993 02:13 PM
by eldon

It is the time of the Winter Solstice, and another year has begun.
We are again at one of the Sacred Seasons, a time when special
things happen. It is at these points of the year in which the great
initiations take place, and the world becomes a better place.

The Winter Solstice is the time of a spiritual birth. The initiant
undergoes his fourth initiation, the first in which he actually
travels to other worlds, meets, and becomes for a moment some of
the beings thereon.

It is a time when the initiant meets his inner god, his higher
self, his Manasaputra, face-to-face, and beholds for the first time
the living being that overshadows, inspires, and enfills his life.
He realizes his own inner nature as well, and a spark is lit, a
spark of consciousness that one day will become the full blazing
awareness of himself being, on his own, a Manasaputra in his own
right. Something new is born at this very special moment.

At this time of year, old things drop away and new things are born
into the world. It is a natural process of life, and we can partake
in it. We can find it easier to make changes in our lives, to
alter and improve our personalities, to take steps to change and grow.

We are at the time of the true New Year. And in our own small way, in
making New Year's resolutions, in resolving to better our lives and
the lives of those about us, we too have paid a visit to our inner
natures, and emerge with something more into the world. If the resolve
is sincere, and the intentions pure, we too have changed.

Let us pause in our hectic rush through life, consider the great
and wonderful things happening on the inner planes, then move
forward with our lives. Let us move forward with greater inspiration
to be better and to be of genuine value to others. Let us reflect
on the good that surrounds us in life, make it more a part of
ourselves, and share it with others.

It is a wondrous time of year, one that should gladden our hearts.
Some of us may have approached the threshold, tried the door, and
been admitted. The world has become better, a holier place, and
if we listen, with open hearts, we can feel it and be inspired!

                           Eldon Tucker (

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