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Reactions to Articles

Dec 23, 1993 05:55 PM
by Gerald Schueler

The Biological Function of the Third Eye is a well-written and
terribly interesting article by Richard Alan Miller. It is in
the library, and I recommend averyone reading it.

Richard makes the argument that Kundalini Yoga is "a biological
statement contained within the language of the poetic metaphor."
I suspect that Gopi Krishna ("Kundalini", Shambala) would agree
with this. I certainly do. I have practiced Kundalini Yoga for
about 25 years, although I never used it for healing.

My own feeling is that the pineal gland and everything else in
our physical body is an expression of our causal, mental, and
astral makeup which is grounded in personal and collective karma.
Nevertheless, I find all of the new information coming out on the
chemicals and glands of our body to be absolutely fascinating.
Richard's description of serotonin and LSD-25 tie in nicely with
Donald DeGracia's articles. Don writes, "When you hallucinate,
you are literally seeing into the nonphysical planes. These
drugs stimulate a minor degree of clairvoyance."  While this is
doubtless true, I personally prefer yoga to drugs. He further
says that "Your emotions and mind (and buddhi) are sensory
systems that both emit and detect vibrations on the respective
planes."  I agree, but prefer the terms astral body and mental
body simply because when we think of senses, we usually associate
them with a body owing to our close association with our physical
senses and physical body. But I think that what these fellows
are saying helps put theosophy in a mdoern perspective and I
applaud their work.

                                        Jerry S.

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