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To Don

Dec 19, 1993 05:29 PM
by Gerald Schueler

Don.  Thanks for your thoughts.  You are exactly right - most of
us do act and react on the other planes without even being aware
of it.  We do have "effects created in the physical body by our
nonphysical bodies."  Yes.  In fact, it was this idea that caused
me to put in my 2 cents worth on the globes and planes in the
first place.  Several members of the study group were talking as
if the globes and planes were something far away and reserved for
when we become Adepts or something.  Nothing is farther from the
truth.  We are already in our subtle bodies, right now.  It is
awareness that shifts or acts - not our bodies.

I agree with you that the subtle bodies don't feel exactly like
our physical body.  Yes, you are quite right; I should not have
used the word *physical* in that sentence.  When you dream, you
seem to have a body, or perhaps I should say body-consciousness.
But, of course, you don't itch or feel pain (usually) like you do
sometimes in the physical.  You have a good point there.

I agree, you can identify with a higher sense of identity or
shift your consciousness to a subtle body, and still maintain
your unique individuality (I have no problem doing this, and I am
very happy to hear that you can do this too).  The problem is
that some folks can't do this very well, get mixed up, and wind
up in a mess.  In a worst-case scenario, a person can actually
get mentally unbalanced from this, and never quite be able to
return to their former mental state.  But yes, you can merge
psyches and yet remain distinct (in fact, this is the preferred
method).  Thanks for clearing up these points, especially for
those who are still learning all of this.

                            Jerry S.

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