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new files in archives/library

Dec 19, 1993 05:06 PM
by John Mead

The following are new additions to the Theos-L Archives:

1. dondeg01.txt - This is a text file that discusses
hallucinogenic drugs from both a scientific and
occult perspective. By Don DeGracia

2. dondeg02.txt - This is a text file that discusses the
practical side of developing psychic abilities. By Don DeGracia

3. trdeye.txt - This is a text file about the biological
function of the 3rd eye. By Richard Alan Miller.

You may obtain copies of these files by sending to    e-mail containing the following lines

GET THEOS-L   dondeg01.txt

the first line directs the listserver to send you a current listing of
the files in the Theos-L Archive.

The second line will direct the listserver to send you a copy of
the file
dondeg01.txt  (the file name is usually case sensitive).

The files are also available by anonymous FTP to
in the directory /pub/theos-l

If you have difficulties feel free to ask for help

Peace --

John Mead

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