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keys etc.

Dec 18, 1993 00:36 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Paul Johnson

     Thanks for the Nat Turner story, we all enjoyed it here.
There is another story of an Indian sage who prophesied H.P.B.'s
birth.  I'll post it next time I run across it.

     Also enjoyed your astrological search.  I would be
interested to know if anything shows up on the September birth
date, which H.P.B. calls the esoteric birth chart.

Eldon Tucker

     I think that the main issue concerning the difference
between Purucker and Blavatsky on the Historical Jesus rests upon
Purucker's unique, yet carefully delineated definition of
Avatara.  Under his definition, Blavatsky and Purucker himself
were avataras "of a sort,"  he would say.

     You say:

      "How we explain and interpret the differences is based upon
     our individual understands (and definitions) of Theosophy."

     Isn't this true of everything in life?  More to the point,
H.P.B. defined terms as she used them.  We can interpret a text
based upon her definitions, or make up our own.  My concern is
exactly as you expressed in "the three dangers."   Therefore, if
someone wants to interpret Blavatsky's (or anyone else's)
writings from there own definitions, I think it is only fair for
the rest of us that they qualify this fact.  Otherwise they are
mis-representing the writer--and that isn't fair to those who are
using this net as a learning tool.

     If I misrepresent a writer, I hope to be called upon it,
because, I believe that we have an obligation to communicate to
others as accurately and as truthfully as we can.

     There is nothing secret or mystical about the seven keys.
They are relatively easy to find in the SD, and clearly labeled.
You were working at a disadvantage by taking five minutes to do a
global search, because you did not have the time to read your
passages in context.  Meaning of a passage often changes
radically when written in context.  I have known lots of students
who have looked up and listed the seven keys.  Their lists match
mine, except with possible disagreements in the order.  My guess
is that because Blavatsky never published a full list in one
place, and Besant/Leadbeater never published a list, people who
never read the SD assume that the seven keys were with held.  A
careful reading of the SD will show that this isn't true.


     Yes.  I'm interested in looking at T.S. history in terms of
transits.  What do you want to do?

Dan Caldwell

     We will be in Tucson between xmas and new years.  Can we

Jerry Hejka-Ekins

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