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Re: Globes - a proposition

Dec 14, 1993 11:58 AM
by Arvind Kumar

I have a few comments/questions of my own regarding Globes/Planes;
any feedback will be appreciated.

(a) Are Globes and Planes the same thing?

(b) My understanding is that there are Seven planes of the Cosmic
Physical Plane (i.e. Physical, Astral, Mental, Buddhic, Atmic, Monadic
and Divine). These are also called the seven planes of our solar system.
Each one of these has seven subplanes. In turn, these seven planes of
our solar system form the Cosmic Physical Plane (which means that there
are six other Cosmic planes, about which we know practically nothing).

(c) Do we exist simultaneously on all these planes of the solar system
simultaneously in the sense that there are counterparts of our
'consciouness' on other planes even though we are normally not aware of
them when functioning on the first plane (counting from the bottom i.e.
physical plane or Globe D)? Or is it that we can 'partake' in the
goings-on at these various planes when we on purpose tune ourselves
into them (e.g. during sleep or perhaps meditation)?

(d) Our soul or ego is supposed to have an independent existence, on
its own plane while we are living the normal waking daily life. My
understanding is that our 'meditation' can become the same as that of
the soul for a fraction of a second, and that is the true purpose of
occult meditation. It is also my understanding that the ego is
effectively destroyed at the 4th initiation when one becomes an Arhat,
enabling direct contact between the personality and the Monad when in

(e) What about the Monad, the Dhyan Chohan, who has its own independent
existence on its own plane?  When 'we' become sufficiently evolved, the
Monad is 'released and can go about its own evolution'.  I presume that
this happens probably at the 6th initiation or something like that... .

My question really is the age old one: who am I, if I am not the soul
(ego) and not the Monad, even though the teachings tell me to 'act as
if' I am my Higher Self (soul at first and Monad later). I can only
speculate that through my evolution, as I become more and more refined,
the Monad is achieving the purpose for which it got 'entangled' with me:
the redemption of the matter of this Solar System, of which I am a part!

Waiting to hear other views/Arvind

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