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Reappearance of the Christ

Dec 14, 1993 12:36 PM
by Arvind Kumar

I'd like to pick up where I left off yesterday in responding to the
comment on differences between the teachings of HPB and AAB.  I said
that there do not appear to be any differences at all in my reading of
the SD with the AAB teachings, except for one paragraph that I had read
in SD which seemed to be somewhat at odds with what I had learnt from
AAB books.  This paragraph is the very first one in Chapter XV of
Section II, Volume I "On Kwan-Shi-Yin and Kwan-Yin".

On further investigation, I find that there is only one line in that
paragraph, towards the very end of the paragraph which I had a problem
with, where HPB says that 'Only it is not in the Kali Yug, our present
terrifically materialistic age of Darkness, the "Black Age" that a new
Saviour of Humanity can ever appear.'

Now, Kali Yug, according to HPB, started at the death of Sri Krishna,
about 3100 BC.  Does the above statement mean that HPB did not consider
the Christ when He overshadowed Jesus 2000 years ago (during Kali Yug)
a 'Saviour of Humanity' ?  I am frnakly perplexed by this statement,
and'd appreciate any comments at all to clarify what HPB meant.

Now, in GASSHO (the electronic Buddhist newsletter available through
theos-l) it says that the Lord Buddha made the statement that
'...Dharma will survive for 5000 years after which there will be a new
type of teaching, to be given by the new Buddha who'd appear around
that time.' (I have paraphrased the statement as I do not have it in
front of me).  This also seems to say that there will be 'Saviours of
Humanity' during Kali Yug.  Much as I reverence HPB, I think that I
have to admit that her statement quoted before is not 'very exact' in
the definition of a Saviour of Humanity.  Perhaps she meant that the
'greatest Avatar for this Round' will incarnate during the 7th Race. ...

I am under the impression that every age of 2560 years (corresponding
to each Sun sign) has its Avatar(s). Just like the Christ was the one
to inaugurate the Piscean Age 2000 years ago, there will be a new
Messiah to inaugurate the emerging Aquarian Age.  The information that
I have from various books that I have read (primarily Bailey books)
indicates that the Christ will re-appear within the next several years.
... the 'day of His reappearance is fixed but the hour is not' meaning
that sometime during the next 30 years (by 2025) we should see a
momentous event for Humanity, the reappearance of the Christ ... the
Christ will eventually take the initiation which will make him the
next Buddha, while the Master KH is going to take over the office of
the Christ.

Let me close this message with another Mantram:

    The Sons of Men are One, and I am one with them
    I seek to love, not hate
    I seek to serve, not exact due service
    I seek to heal not hurt

    Let pain bring its due reward of love and light
    Let the soul control the outer form
    and life, and all events
    and bring to light the love
    that underlies the happenings of the time

    Let vision come and insight
    Let the future stand revealed
    Let inner union demonstrate
    and outer cleavages be gone

    Let love prevail
    Let all men love

Thanks for your time,


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