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Globes - a proposition

Dec 13, 1993 05:31 PM
by Gerald Schueler

Some Thoughts on the Globes of the Gupta Vidya Model of our Universe.

HPB gave us a fairly clear representation of her Gupta Vidya Model on
page 200 of Vol I of  The Secret Doctrine.  By comparing it to the
well-known Qabalistic Tree of Life, she allowed those who already knew
the Qabala to fully realize the differences between the two universe
models.  Both models, for example, have 7 globes located on the 4
lower cosmic planes.  HPB used the names for the planes as given in
the Qabala:  the Physical, the Substantial/Formative, the
Intellectual/Creative, and lastly the Archetypal.  I personally prefer
physical, astral, mental, and causal, but each student is free to call
them whatever they like.

In Qabalistic lore,  the astral light is represented by the Sephira
Yesod.  HPB equates Yesod with Globe C.  She also equates Netzah with
Globe E.  Thus she places Globes C and E together on the
Formative/Astral plane.  Globes B and F are both on the Creative/Mental
plane.  Finally we have Globes A and G which are both on the
Archetypal/Causal plane.  Beneath the figure, she states "these are
the four lower planes of Cosmic Consciousness, the three higher planes
being inaccessible to human intellect as developed at present."
Because the three higher planes are "inaccessible to human intellect"
we can safely say that the lower 7 globes are bounded above by a
Ring-Pass-Not for us in our present stage of evolutionary development.
I would go so far as to say that above these 7 globes is the Abyss of
Qabalistic tradition.  The Great Outer Abyss separates the higher
cosmic planes from the lower.  In the same way, we can say that each
plane itself is divided into 7 subplanes, 4 lower and 3 higher which
are also separated by a Ring-Pass-Not.  When we look at our physical
plane, it seems that there are only three subplanes - solids, liquids,
and gases.  But recently science has discovered what is called plasma,
and this seems like it could be the missing fourth subplane or state
of matter on this physical cosmic plane.  Beyond the plasma of our
physical plane is a Ring-Pass-Not.  In fact,  we could even make the
case that the higher 3 subplanes constitute another plane altogether.
Some have called the higher 3 subplanes of the physical plane the
etheric plane.  Leadbeater distinguishes the upper 3 from the lower 4
subplanes of the mental plane.  My own feeling is that we could do
this with each plane, because I believe that the Globes are, in fact,
located on the lower 4 subplanes of each cosmic plane, leaving the
higher 3 subplanes almost like a separate "mini-plane" in each case.

But there are several very important differences between the HPB's
model and the Qabala model. The first, and probably the most important,
is the flow of energy/force through the model.  The Qabalistic model
is relatively static, with all 22  pathways going in both directions.
The Gupta Vidya Model is dynamic, with travel being possible only in
counterclockwise cycles, and not in the reverse direction.  HPB has
all energy moving downward along the left side, and all energy moving
upward along the right side.  Because theosophy makes the initial
assumption of cycles (what I have elsewhere called the Law of Cycles -
described in the Proem to the SD) I feel that the Gupta Vidya Model is
far superior to the somewhat more static and clumsy Tree of Life.

Now, given all of the above, let me make a rather important proposition.
I would submit that each and every one of us has had some experience
on all 7 globes - within this very lifetime.  We will all agree, of
course, that we experience Globe D during the waking state.  I propose
that we all experience Globes C and E and their interconnecting path
during dreams (dreams with emotional content).  I propose that we all
experience Globes B and F during our sleep states (dreams without
emotional content).  I would furthermore propose that we all experience
Globes A and G during our dreamless sleep or coma-like state in
between dreams.

Dreams can, in fact, be defined as out-of-body experiences on Globes C,
E, B, or F.  I submit that the Globes of the Gupta Vidya Model are not
far away exotic places that we will reach only after a million years
of evolution, but states and stages of consciousness that we experience
(to some extent) as human beings - Globe D being the locality in
spacetime of physically embodied consciousness, Globes C and E being
localities of astrally embodied consciousness, and so on. This
proposition has a lot of important ramifications for us, and we can
discuss them at a later time.
                                                   Jerry S.

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