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Olcott Computer Interfacing Committee

Nov 04, 1993 04:47 PM
by Leonard E. Cole

To everyone for your information:

       John Algeo, National President of The Theosophical Society in
America (Adyar), is forming a Computer Interfacing Committee  whose
". . . purpose is to consider our [Olcott's] use of computers
(hardware and software) in the light of what we use them for, how we
use them, their cost, etc., and to examine current use, to propose
changes, to evaluate possibilities, and finally to make
recommendations. . . Olcott. . . will do a study of current computer
use, as a starting point. Then the committee will review that study,
to consider possible improvements, expansion, retrenchment,
innovations, etc. The committee should look both at immediate use
and needs and at long-range developments in the light of possible
changes in our programs and operations."

          The proposed members of the committee were the following:

          Staff                           Consultants

          John Algeo                      Mary Abdill
          Rubin Cabigting                 Dean Barnum
          Jeff Gresko                     Leonard Cole
          Floyd Kettering                 John Kern
          Steve Schweizer                 John Kunz
          Elisabeth Trumpler              John Mead

Leonard Cole

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