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Nov 04, 1993 08:47 PM

To Brenda and Jerry H-E

I am responding to the comments made about those
individuals who state that theosophy is outdated.
Brenda was referring to me, Sarah (Balam), when
she mentioned the impression many have, when first
coming into contact with the subject and society,
known respectively as theosophy and theosophical.
There is a difference; theosophy as a spiritual
subject for study is not outdated anymore than the
substance of any study, as long as the student is
learning something of value. The Theosophical Society
on the other hand refers to people. Back in 1975 when
I attended my first meeting in San Francisco it appear-
ed to me to be attracting those individuals who had yet
to experience directly, the metamorphosis that had
taken place in our culture in the revolutionary times
of the sixties. To this day, I believe, that many of
the members of the Theosophical Society are unaware
that they behave in a manner that speaks louder than
any theosophical concept they may utter. One might
look upon the teachings of Buddha or Christ and believe
these are outdated, because they were speaking to past
cultures and paradigms. If one looks closely however,
one can perceive universal and undying principles with-
in the structure of their doctrines. These principles
are part of the Wisdom Religion Blavatsky refers to in
her writings. Whether speaking of these principles of
ancient or modern origin, the word outdated, when I use
it, means that individuals are not exemplifying in their
behavior, what is at the heart of all divine instructions.


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