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ants, theosophy and theosophists

Nov 04, 1993 11:35 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Jim Anderson

     Yes it sounds like our experiences may be fundamentally
different. If I were having your experiences, I would ask and
try to determine the answer to the following questions: 1. Is the
spider three dimensional? 2. can I interfere with its movement in
any way i.e. physically, mentally? 3. Can I determine the variety
of spider?  4. Are the spider's movements exactly repeated each
time you experience this phenomena?  5. Are there any
correlations between the spider's movements and your eye
movements, or any other body movements?  6. Are there any
physical circumstances that repeat with this experience, i.e.
time of day/night, light level, location, etc.
     As for my situation, I have no doubt that I was not seeing
ants. For one thing, they moved much too fast. Also, the
experience was only a prelude to the wall fading away altogether.
Molecular motion is probably a better simile.
     I don't know to what extent imagination was involved and to
what extent reality was involved. The involuntary experience
occurred when I was overly tired. I suspect that this condition
kicked it off.

Sarah Balam

     Thank you for your response. Your clarification has thrown
the subject into a completely different context. Individuals
"not exemplifying in their behavior, what is at the heart of all
divine instructions" was a problem even in H.P.B.'s time. She
made a distinction between a theosophist and a member of the
Theosophical Society. She knew lots of members of the TS, but
she once wrote to (I believe) AE, that she had only met a half
dozen theosophists in her life time. She didn't mention if any
of them were also members of the Theosophical Society. But I
know of many who are very aware of theosophy as a spiritual
practice and use it in their lives. Most of these people would
consider themselves presumptuous to use the title "theosophist."
They usually refer to themselves as only "students of theosophy."

Arvin Kumar

     I received your reply, and will respond over the weekend.

Leonard Cole

     I received your message over internet. I'm on both
services, so you can use either address.

     Jerry Hejka-Ekins

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