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email line length & hypnagogia

Nov 04, 1993 04:22 PM
by Leonard E. Cole

Arvind Kumar & Jim Anderson

       Could you set your word processor or editor to limit line
length to something between 75 or 80 columns?  The copy as I presently
receive it runs off the screen and must be printed before reading. If
this causes difficulty for you, I can live with it as is, but if it is
easily changed it would be very much appreciated.

Jim Anderson

       Thanks for the "hypnogogia" and "hypnagogic" definitions. I
see you are using the very latest reference. I initially became
interested in this topic through Donald DeGracia who has since dropped
from the theos-l list. He and I are engaged in a private exchange on
the topic. I have some reading to do before I can discuss this in a
meaningful way with Donald, or with anyone for that matter. I have
bought a book titled HYPNAGOGIA, the author's name escapes me at the
moment, which is Donald's major source of information on the topic. I
am curious about these states of awareness.

       Leonard Cole

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