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Re: regarding our new lists

Oct 25, 1993 12:50 PM
by John Mead

I would like to appologize for not clearly indicating what has
happpened.  The group has not been forcibly split at all,  and I doubt
it ever will be.

The addition of three extra lists is to assure that everyone's needs are
equally satisfied.  The nature and personality of Theos-L is left
unchanged. The additional lists were requested by members who wished
to limit their traffic according to a variety of reasons ranging from
personal taste to simple economics.  When the requests reached a viable
mass I made the decision to request more rooms (so to say).  The labels
on the rooms were selected by a simple grouping of the totality of
the requests.  There is really no control issue here.  It is like
a convention hall were rooms are released as groups form and request
them.  The names of the new lists were simply abstracted from the
types of functions and processing which people seemed to want to
perform.  The abstractions were selected because they were about as
broad as I could make them and maintain some form of distinctions.  It
is important to recall that our medium of interaction is very plastic.
We can reshape when necessary.


John Mead

p.s. the News list has already become the most subscribed.  It is also
expected to be the least active.  This is not surprising...

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