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Re: regarding our new lists

Oct 25, 1993 09:05 AM
by Michael W. Grenier

Eldon writes:
>If there were a general discussion of the list, my proposal would
>have been to make it into three lists:
>    Introductory discussion of Theosophy. Everything is kept
>    simple. Content is aimed at people without prior background
>    in theosophical study. This group is the one that is
>    generally announced.
>    General discussion of theosophy. No limit to how advanced
>    the topic. Someone not familiar to Theosophy may not be
>    able to follow.
>    News, general announcements, discussion about computer
>    technical issues regarding email and internet access,
>    announcements of projects needing help.

I tend to agree with Eldon's proposal. I certainly feel some
discussion is needed. For instance, should we announce over USENET
that this mailling list exists (groups such as soc.religion.*,
philosophical, scientific groups)? This may generate considerable
interest but we need a means to handle the new load as well as the
introductory group that Eldon mentioned.

Mike Grenier   Unisys Government Systems (Air Traffic Control)  (work)               612-456-7869

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