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Theosophical Astronomy 1.Venus 2.Dark Matter 3.Light

Oct 25, 1993 01:35 AM
by Andrew Rooke

Many thanks to members of Theos-L for your comments on Venus which
have been most helpful. If I can follow up with a few thoughts and
questions for your consideration:
1. VENUS : The exact relationship between the Earth and its sister
planet is never stated as far as I can tell. However, following
up on Eldon and Jerry's comments, G de Purucker says (if I remember
correctly!) that the spiritual Regent of Venus was involved with the
building of Globe C of the earth chain and also was closely involved
with the development of some of the early races of mankind. This
could reflect itself in Jerry's statement regarding the influence of
Venus on the astral world and also that Venus may figure prominantly
in our future evolution on Globe E. The voice of the ancient bards
puts it so much better - apparently in the Norse mythology, the
goddess of Venus is closely related to the god of the Earth and she
wears mankind as a jewel around her neck.
2. DARK MATTER : I'm interested in Theos-l opinions on the nature of
Dark Matter, and particularly, speculation as to what it may be from
a theosophical angle. Currently there are basically two schools of
thought scientifically - 1. that it is an exotic new form of matter
formed in the Big Bang which we have yet to identify (WIMPS-Weakly
Interacting Massive Particles) or, non-luminous bodies of ordinary
matter that we find difficult to identify with our state of
technology (MACHOs-Massive Atmospheric Halo Objects) An
Australian research team has recently found what they take to be a
MACHO (they think it is most likely a Brown Dwarf star) but what do
we as theosophists make of the enigma that maybe as much as 90%+ of
matter inthe Universe is invisible. Opinions that I have read in
theosophical magazines seem to indicate that people believe that we
are beginning to detect the lower levels of the astral light acting
as model bodies holding the galaxies and galactic clusters together.
What do you think?
LIGHT : A friend who does not have access to Theos-l, has developed
an interesting theory on the Unitary Nature of Light. Based on his
own experiences as an inventor working with optical lenses, he came
to the conclusion that light does not travel and that it is not in
the form of particles. Rather we live immersed in a universal energy
field which we can sense only to the degree of the evolution of our
sense apparatus (he calls them "electronic orbitals") Also this same
researcher criticises science education for confusing science with
technology and for teaching scientific models as being facts of
nature. He has written a book on the subject (as yet unpublished!)
and if anyone is interested, I could ask him to type an outline of
his ideas on Theos-l and follow up discussion direct with him could
be directed by conventional mail.
With good wishes to all,
Andrew Rooke - Melbourne - Australia

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