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Libraries and archives...

Oct 24, 1993 11:34 PM
by John Mead

Hi --

Sorry for the onslaught of new mail.

The Libraries and archives are up and running.

Some Points should be made here:

Daily postings are automatically captured on Vnet and stored in
separate files, per list per day, in the Listproc directory.
Send all messages/commands to
(the "char." is not really neccessary since knows who we are)

the daily file logs look like:
Theos-xyz.mmddyy  (e.g. Theos-l.102493  is the posting to Theos-l
                   for the entire day of 10/24/93)

I will bundle each (prior) months postings together at the first day
(well ... it may take the first week for me to actually get around to
it) of each month.  The archives and library do NOT care if you are a
member of the actual list or not.  Hence.... IF you choose to SIGNOFF
a particular list,  you may still retrieve the archive files.
This is a nice feature/option for those who *pay* for Internet e-mail.
The single "bulk" mailing is usually much cheaper than a plethora of
small messages.  I hope this can be of help.

The bundled monthly archive/log files will be kept in the individual
directories per each list.  For theos-l they can found as
ts0993.log  (Theos-L Sept 1993 Log file) etc.

To obtain the directory listings of the archive send messages as:

Index Listproc -all  (get ALL names in ALL Dirctories)
Index Theos-L       (get all files in the Theos-L directory)
Index Theos-News

To retrieve a group of files send the command:

Get Theos-L ts0993.log  (send me the September Log file(s))

ALL messages to query/retireve the Libraries should be sent

Please feel free to submit any polished essays or papers to
me for inclusion within the archives of a particular list.

Thanks --

John Mead

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