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Oct 25, 1993 06:13 AM
by listserv

This list evolved from the growth of Theos-L, an informal discussion
list created as an "Electronic Study Group" for the Theosophical
Society in America.

Since it's original formation in July 1993,  Theos-L has fissioned
into a suit of four discussion lists.  Each separate discussion list
was created not to divide,  but to unite the members within their
own defined limits;  Only an aid to assist the modern Theosophist,
to manage their boundaries.

The four discussion lists have their own specific aspects within the
ongoing evolutions of Theosophy.  Their brief charters follow:


This lists serves the Universal Village of Theosophists.
No topic is too profound, too insignificant, too old, too new,
or too used.  Here we find our community of ideas and friends.


This list is for the dissemination of News-items only.  If
you are a reclusive Hermit,  you will love this list.
No discussions Please.  Just send announcements.  News on Conferences,
Lectures, (news) of Theosophists, (news) about Theosophists, and
possibly a prayer, or meditation, or poem.  Please send comments and
responses elsewhere, or in private mail.


This list is meant to (un)cover the Roots of Theosophy. History,
Existant writings, or discussions on distinctions and nuances of ideas
and interpretations.  As the old growth of the tree of life sends the
sap to the new buds,  here we savor these sources of wisdom.  An
inferrent branch of the Movement in evolution. Look within to see
where you come from and where people have been.


The Commencement of the Theosophical Movement. Evolution, Future
trends, Movement, Growth, and even pruning.  Here we discuss
ideas within the emmergent growth of the Theosophical Movement.
The efferent movement of the evolution of Theosophy. Here we discuss
our misfourtune of living in interesting times.


All "Theosophists" are welcome regardless of any formal membership
within any "Society".

There is no Religion higher than Truth.

If you require more information please contact the list(s) owner:

John E. Mead

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