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Re: The Personality

Oct 22, 1993 09:55 AM
by Michael W. Grenier

>I am sorry to hear that Don has left the study group.  I really
>enjoyed our discussions.  I think that Don has a real spirit of
>youthful optimism that we need and I for one will miss.  I hope
>that it wasn't anything that I said.

I doubt it. Here is part of a personal message that he sent me.
(I hope this is OK to post Don!)

> Hi! I got your private letter to my internet address. Yes, I've
> presently signed off the list, for a number of reasons.

> The main reason is, and you'll be glad to hear this, is
> because I just got an account at Wayne State
> University on their VM/CMS system! So I now
> have complete internet access for free! The downside
> to this is that I'm learning to use the software and to
> operate on the CMS system and its not that easy.

> So, I've cancelled the account I was using for Theos-l and
> that is the main reason why I withdrew my name from
> the list. And I don't want to sign up with my new address
> until I learn how to use the new system.

Its too bad that Compuseve is so expensive. Alternatives are
still being explored.....
Mike Grenier   Unisys Government Systems (Air Traffic Control)  (work)               612-456-7869

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