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Inter-Theosophical Dialogue

Oct 22, 1993 02:42 PM
by Michael R. Meyer


A few corrections to the promotional copy sent last night. The morning
theme should read <<Theosophy in the 20th Century>> NOT the
<<Theosophical Society in the 20th Century>>. Also, Carmen Small
represents Pt. Loma Publications.

L-Theos provides a means of speading news and information quickly. I
submitted the program for the Inter-Theosophical Dialogue within minutes
for receiving it. It will go through a few revisions passes before it
hits the press. More changes and corrections may be forthcoming.

Regarding  Eldon Tucker's comments. Only so much that can be done in a
single day. Personally, I agree with you that conferences seem feature
the same people and that a greater effort such be made to include
lesser known individuals.

Some have expressed a desire to stay on at least an additional day, to
discuss matters in greater detail in an informal setting. I am looking
into renting an appropriate place in Ojai for Sunday 27th March where
any interested individual may participate informally in dicussions
and brainstorming sessions. These sessions will not be sponsor by
Krotona or any group. The intent is to provide a place where people
may meet informally.

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