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Re: Theosophy and science (fwd)

Oct 20, 1993 11:05 PM
by John Mead

Hi to Arvind!!

Thanks for the brief intro.  It is nice to get to know you.

I have not read the HPB book by Sylvia Cranston (yet).  I have a copy,
but it gets loaned out real fast (currently our Unitarian Universalist
minister has my copy).  I'm glad you mentioned the last few chapters.
These will be the first I read now!

regarding Dora Kunz ...  I think her son will show up on our discussion
list soon.  He has the address as well as expressed an interest in
joining.  He is computer literate too.

> Also, are you aware of 'Prophecy on trial' which is a book detailing
> how well the prophecies made in Alice Bailey's books have come true?
> This book is available thru Lucis Trust.

NO!  thanks for mentioning it.  Could you post a couple e.g.?? it may
convince me to get it sooner.  I have several of A.Bailey's books.

My feeling is that different people need different ideas expressed in
different ways at different times for their own individual needs.
It is alot like the various flavors of religions.  all very similar,
yet each a different reflection from yet another facet/viewpoint.
Her books have played an immense role in reaching the more contemporary
people in the US.  Many would never touch _The Secret Doctrine_
but yet immediately dive into her writings (or channelings).

A similar effect I've noticed since moving to NC (in 1990) is that
the Anthroposophy thinking is popular here (more so than classic
HPB).  My guess is that alot of "Born Again" Christians who break
out of the fundamentalist views can relate (more) easily to Steiner.
I think there are several Waldorf schools in NC too.

Regarding Science...  You will find more Scientists on Theos-L
than any other study group (a guess).  The Occult Chemistry work
has been expanded (~1979?) to now include the (it matches well)
standard physics model (elementary particles ala quarks).  The book
which did this was written by Dr. Phillips _ESP of Quarks_.
It is still available from TPH (I think!).  It is clear that we will be
entering an age of the "Scientist-Priest" where the modern practice
of Theosophy and Science become finally interlinked together.
If this does not happen,  then Theosophy will continue to
degradate into a handful of Dogmatic cults (which has been
ongoing for the last few decades).  There are many of us on the list who
are primarily interested in the extension of Mathematics&Physics into
the Theosophical realms.  Hence, the vodoo/taboos against intelligent
occult experimentation will be replaced by clearer boundaries
to distinguish between a growth-related practice vs. outright
foolish experimentation.  The trick is to do this carefully with
both wisdom and respect for Law.

Peace --

John Mead

p.s.  Don DeGracia is very interested in the occult chemistry
work.  he just signed off the list,  but I can send you his e-mail
address if you want?

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