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Re: you know what you've found ...

Oct 05, 1993 10:32 AM
by Michael W. Grenier

Eldon writes:
> There is no way to "easily" tell the grand philosophy
> because it is not simply contained in mere verbal descriptions, it is
> not a simple set of words.

I agree, but there are now easier and perhaps more fruitful ways of
presenting at least some of the basic Theosophical teachings. Don's
help file is a good example - help files can be used to widely
distribute teachings with little cost (except for Don't time :-)
while providing graphics and sound support. Don't get me wrong - it
can also be harder to sit in front of a computer and still be able to
reach a state of mind where one can be receptive to these teachings
but it may serve as an introduction..

>There is no need to sell people on the value of Theosophy for those
>who have reached the necessary state of readiness.

That's true but until I found my first Theosophical book, all I knew
was that I was missing something. It is our duty to make sure that the
resources are available to those who seek.

On another note, there are some common symbols used for internet mail
to help express the emotions behind a written phrase. For instance, when
one wants to express humor, one can use a smiley face like this :-)
(Turn you head sidewise to see it) There are many other faces such as
the sad face :-( or someone with a mustache :-{) or someone who is
talking :-o

Have a good day.
Mike Grenier                      Unisys Government Systems
                             (Air Traffic Control)  (work)               612-456-7869 (home)

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