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Re: Theo help file/windows...

Oct 05, 1993 08:54 AM
by Michael W. Grenier

>Hi --
>in reference to the Theo Help file which Mike commented on.
>The problem with the "Essays on Disks Presents" line is
>actually a misinterpretation of the picture??
>I think that if you are complaining about the overlapping
>"k" on Disks with the "p" in Presents,  this is the way I have always
>seen it displayed.  In other words,  it does it on all of my copies
>and I have assumed that Don intentionally did this as an Artistic
>measure!  :-)

In my case, the "p" in presents lines up with the "i" on Disks. Don
can confirm this but my guess is that the word "presents" is right
justified in the rtf file and the Essays on Disks is left justified.
Depending on the font rendering (and I use the large fonts driver),
the font widths will be different. Setting the whole phase to one
justification should solve the problem.

Don, your comment concerning the resolution should only refer to the
rendering of the bitmaps. I'm not having any problem with them.

Also, Windows NT has no problem with other Windows help files. I have no
problem with those created with either Borland's or Microsoft's Help
compiler. I wish NT would tell me which routines were missing :-)

Don, this is your work of art and I don't want to intrude on it but if
you want, I'd be happy to track the problem down here if I can have
access to your rtf and bmp files.

Mike Grenier                      Unisys Government Systems
                             (Air Traffic Control)  (work)               612-456-7869 (home)

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