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Helpfile Problems

Sep 30, 1993 03:24 PM
by Michael W. Grenier

I have a couple problems witht the Introduction to Theosophy
help file:

1) On the 'Essays on Disk presents' standout, the presents is positioned
    under the Disk forming a jumbled mess. This occurs at both 1024x768
    and 1280x1024 resolution on both Windows and NT.

2) Under NT only, I get a popup dialog with the message:
     'Routine Not Found' whenever I go to a new page and on the
    initial page.

Any ideas?  I have a couple help compilers here if you want me to
try things.
Mike Grenier                     Unisys Government Systems
                            (Air Traffic Control)  (work)               612-456-7869 (home)

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