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Responce to Michael's Essay

Sep 26, 1993 07:56 PM
by Donald J. Degracia

Hi to everyone:

I would like to comment upon the very excellent essay that
Michael Meyer has presented to the group.

I feel very stongly that Michael's essay is extremely relevant to
the very nature of this list and the issues that are being discussed
here presently. What I would like to do now is discuss this relevance
and the challenges it raises for our "mission" here in cyberspace.

First, I would like to summarize the ideas in Micheal's essay into a
more compact form:

The essential idea is that, in the mind of God is the archetype of
Humanity. This archetype expresses itself through a series of
cultures manifesting in the biosphere of the Earth. As Michael said,
each culture that forms is a carrier wave of one particular aspect
of the archetype of Humanity (or Anthropos, I prefer the neuter term
"Humanity"). Every single particular culture, which is a quantum release
of an aspect of the archetype of Humanity, follows a very specific
process of manifestation.

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