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What Theosophy Is

Sep 26, 1993 10:29 AM
by Michael R. Meyer

Jerry H-E: I wrote "taking off from Jerry H-E's" comments. They
weren't addressed to you specifically and they were necessarily
criticisms. Simply  thoughts aroused by your comments. You needn't
defend your statements. But still, what about Julia? what about
Bhavani Shankar? I don't mean "what is their organization affliation".
And I don't really expect a response. I'm simply trying to shift the
focus away from "organizations".  I'm afraid I can't limited Theosophy
to the <<Source teachings given out by HPB and her Teacher.>> Besides,
she and her Teacher gave out more than was written. If Theosophy is
"limited" to what was given out in the PAST, then we are setting up
our own brand of fundamentalism and dogma . . . and, in on way or
another, fascism -- which is a result of an inability to imagine a
creative future. When we are unable to see a creative future, we look
to the past, to a paradise lost or to a past golden age, to the flower
of a culture now in decline. We dream of "revivals" and of restoring
Original teachings and traditions. We need  to remember what has been
"forgotten", but we also need to move on into the future.

The Movement moves, whether or not we are  willing to move with it.


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