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past, present, future

Sep 26, 1993 11:43 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

     I'm aware of your interest in current expressions of
theosophy, and believe it or not I'm completely in support of your
interest, and would be delighted to dialogue with you in that
paradigm.  Believe me, I have no dreams of "revivals" or of
"restoring original teachings and traditions."  As I was trying to
express to you before, Eldon's tree was in an organizational
paradigm, and I was only adding what I felt to be clarifying
details to it.  If Eldon had put up a tree based upon say--
important writers in the movement and their messages, I would have
"fleshed" that tree out in that mode.
     I feel that your approach to the theosophical movement is
important, and is part of what makes it progress.  I also feel that
the "organizational" approach is also important--not to revive the
past, but to gain a deeper understanding of what happened, in order
to more wisely move into the future.  I have been in the Adyar
Society for thirty years, and from my experience, I would say that
the majority of members have strong feelings against discussing
theosophical history.  Yet I have also noted that these same
members are incredibly ignorant on the subject and are full of a
lot of fantastic misinformation.  Yes, I agree with you that it is
important to keep looking ahead, but I am also convinced that it is
important to have an understanding as to where we have been, as
this is important to understanding where we are today, so that we
can make better informed decisions.
     Contradictory to the impression I surely have given; my
interests are diverse:  Aside from my interest in "organizational"
theosophical history and theosophical ideas both past and present:
I've studied astrology since 1959; love Plato; mythology and
folklore; astronomy; been studying French for three years; deeply
interested in mathematics, but have no talent for it; avidly follow
the articles in SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN and SCIENCE NEWS and well as
BIBLICAL ARCHEOLOGY REVIEW; also very interested in literature, and
currently working for a masters degree in that subject.  I've
accumulated a personal library of over 7000 volumes in these areas,
and spend most of my waking hours (when not gardening), in study or
helping others with theosophical projects.
     I was serious about my suggestion that you submit a "family
tree" under your own paradigm. I hope you do it.
     Jerry Hejka-Ekins

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