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theosophical worldview

Sep 24, 1993 07:43 AM
by eldon

The theosophical family tree certainly could be bigger! I made some
mention of independent groups in my tree, whereas Jerry H-E limited
his to formal organizations. How wide this tree fans out depends on
your worldview.

I would say that the worldview presented by the core theosophical
teachings is that the writings are an exoteric expression, an
verbalization of a portion of the knowledge of the Masters. This
presentation was a special situation, and happened directly only
through a few chosen individuals, and is not part of an on-going

The primary thrust of the theosophical movement after that time is
in giving a multitude of expressions to that special knowledge.
Each expression helps work the ideas into western civilization
in different and useful ways. There are echoes and reflections
throughout the astral light, throughout popular thought and literature.

The "theosophic current" that you can sense behind the writings of
certain writers--and I would include G. de Purucker--is a precursor
to chelaship. You approach the Masters in thought and aspiration
and when you reach a certain point of development you are ready for
direct teaching.

I feel that because the Adyar T.S. does not focus on the core
teachings and stress intellectual study, that it attracts to itself
people who are spiritual searching but have not really seen the true
face of Theosophy. (a generalization, of course) The large turn over
in membership is of people who either weren't really interested at
all, or who perhaps really found Theosophy but did not have a lodge
or forum to study it! (I'd consider, though,  the Los Angeles lodge
an exception, due to years of hard work done by Jerry Hejka-Ekins and
his wife April.)

Continuing with a description of the theosophical worldview, I'd
say that certain teachings were revealed to western civilization,
and that organizations and individuals working with this special
understanding are preserving it (as something accessible outside of
having to get the information again from the Masters).

The teachings serve a dual role. First is to flow out and change
the thought current of the west. Whatever ideas that are helpful
and can take root in popular thought should be promoted. The second
is to provide a form of the mystery schools of ancient days, where
the teachings in their pure form allow one to study and train and
dwell in the thought atmosphere of the Mahatmas before actually
being accepted and undertaking a guided study.

The first role is working to improve the current subrace by adding
to it what fragments of wisdom that we can. The second role is to
keep the door open a bit wider to the self-chosen few that are ready
for something more. The first is to reach out and affect millions in
an outer, timely way. The second is to reach out and affect hundreds
in a hidden, slow, timeless way.

                                 Eldon Tucker

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