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RE: theosophical worldview

Sep 29, 1993 03:01 PM
by 91484615

Dear Group,

I am happy to be back again, my connection has been in flux lately.
I really enjoyed the suggestion that we try and keep our letters shorter
and focused on one topic, I have a problem devoting a lot of time at
once.  The short letters are much more enjoyable (< 3 pages). I
understand that some topics can require more but many long entries might
be broken into several coherant peices.  I've been trying to catch up
with my reading and managable pieces reduce fatigue.  I had some
comments but that was a couple months ago. Don asked about Einstein's
type b dynamics.  This is a semiclassical situation with chaotic
characteristics, it was mentioned in the article on postmodern quantum
mechanics which appeared in june or july Physics Today, John also
refered to this article, it was very good. Einstein wrote the paper in
the 1920's I beleive, the particulars are in the Physics Today
article's bibliography the original was in german but there is an
english translation.  Thanks for all the efforts that everyone is
putting into this, it is wonderful.

Jay Amundson

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