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using 'theos-l'

Sep 24, 1993 06:43 AM
by eldon

This note will be regarding our use of "theos-l", and the next will
be my comments on the latest discussion.


It's important to format the messages to about 70-to-75 character lines
with hard returns, so that they can be read by anyone in an ascii

If a message is first created in a word processor, it should be exported
as an ascii file before uploading it.


If "theos-l" continues to grow, I could see the quantity of materials
increasing tenfold by next year, to perhaps 75,000 bytes/day of text.
This is not a bad thing. I would not like to see it as a moderated
group with control and filtering of its contents.

I like the fact that one can freely express ideas, with the formal
preparation of writing magazine articles. It's a great way to sound
out ideas and get immediate reaction to them. I'm looking forward to
the opening of the floodgate of ideas!

With 14,000 baud modems, which now cost under $200, one can very quickly
down load and read on one's home computer the material. (I can remember
buying, a few years ago, my first 1200 baud modem for $450! Prices
certainly have fallen!)

I would suggest that letters be kept shorter and more topical. But this
is not to suggest that people write less, but rather to suggest that
people write more letters, broken apart by subject content, to make each
letter easier to separately read and digest.


I've sorted by date and time, and stripped out the headers (except for
FROM: and SUBJECT:), and broken apart into monthly files the "theos-l"
email for July, August, and September. I'll have them uploaded to my
FTP site by October 1. I'll maintain these monthly files and do this
for the following few months.

                                        Eldon Tucker

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