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too more sense worth....

Aug 18, 1993 00:24 AM
by John Mead

Hmmmm..  may be more agreement here than people are letting onto.

I was reading a work on the Vedas recently,  and the author has taken
the approach that music is the key to the early Hindu writings.

It goes something like this:

1) Vedic man/woman approached all of life through sound/words
(the Hymns were originally chanted ONLY, not written down).

2) The Musical concept of reality permeated their conceptual
development to the point that they viewed all ideas on a relative
basis; just as the musical scale can be started from any single
vibration.  Hence there is no ABSOLUTE pitch to work from. It is
all relative (fractions/Harmonics etc.) to an individual.

3) To accept the relativeness of reality,  the individual must
sacrifice his own basis (key notes) on which he formulates his ideas.
This sacrifice allows one to arrive at a position (transcended relative
viewpoint) independent of any absolute reference.  This allows
all ideas an equality of value/pitch.

4) This sacrifice of the individual (ideas/keynotes) allows the
mind to experience reality from a transcendent basis which
creates (mentally) the absolute (brahman) flesh of reality.  Hence the
sacrifice creates the flesh of the Reality which is the true
form of existence (associations <==> flesh ).

probably not said well (by me),  but I tried.

He also has a translation of the Gita in similar vein.

John Mead

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