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Aug 18, 1993 02:03 PM
by Leonard E. Cole


Thanks for your offer to help with MS Windows.  After removing W's, I
installed DesqView 386.  I don't have the money to invest in the latest
version of W's plus the W's versions of my other software, and I shrink
from the major task of re-installing everything.  So, I guess I am stuck
in my Windowless rut.

Regarding HoloNet - I recall someone (was it John?) mentioning a $25 a
month fee for accessing Internet.  I don't remember who said it or what
access service was involved.  I thought HoloNet might be a lower cost
alternative.  My knowledge in this technological arena is very limited,
so I may be completely off base.  I, personally, will stick with
CompuServe until it becomes too unwieldly, inadequate, or costly for my
overall uses.

Regarding hypnogogia - I have experienced a few, very brief flickering
images, but I have not been able to induce the state at will.  The
occurences have all been "accidental" and very short in duration.  They
have interrupted my going to sleep so I have viewed them as undesirable
and useless phenomena.  However, your comments, Don, have stimulated
me to think it over.  I am intrigued by this because I have long felt
there has been too little work on the 3rd object of the T.S., i.e.,
"To investigate unexplained laws of nature and the powers latent in
man."  This might be an area where I can do something on my own, as

Don and Gerald, I enjoy the exchange you two have been so actively
involved in.  I can't comment on the same level of understanding, but
I'm not ignoring your "papers" either.  Keep it up.


Leonard Cole

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