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RE: old letters 2

Aug 17, 1993 08:18 PM
by 91484615

Dear Group,
This last group of correspondence seems to be a sceintist bashing; I
will admit that so called scientists have made their share of mistakes,
many of which I do not assume responsiblity for (other than memebership
in the human race) But I am a scientist (a physicist) and genaric
scientist debasement is (in my opinion) an offensive act.  Physicis
like Feynman, Einstein, Fermi, and Pauli, set the stage for a new level
of conscienceness quantum conscienceness.  The bad experiences which we
have with people who are members of a certain profession do not
invalidate the profession.  I appologize if I have rated, but
predjudice troubles me.  Jay Amundson (Physicist)

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