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old letters 2

Aug 15, 1993 09:36 AM
by Donald DeGracia

Hi again everyone.

This letter was written also before the system crashed and I'm now
sending it out to the group.  This letter was also written on 8/1/93:

Hi again everyone!

This letter is in reponce to Gerald's comments:

Gerald, first off, your letter's format was terrible.  I don't know
what happened, but each paragraph was one long line! There was no word
wrap.  If you are using WINCIM, check the "Reformat on send" box.
Otherwise, try to format in ASCII at 80 characters per line.

Gerald: You wrote Enochian Physics? I've seen the book but never read
it.  Its published by Llyewellon isn't it? Well, if indeed this is your
book, that'll provide me a great impetus to read it!

Let me here comment on some of your statements.

<that subatomic elements within our body can be modified

Theosophists have long taught that we have within us what is called
"permanent atoms" There is one each of the physical, astral and mental
plane atoms.  My sense of what Besant and Leadbeater teach about these
permanent atoms is that they are the real basis for genetics and
heredity.  That even our cellular DNA results from patterns (or
memories, if you will) stored within our permanent atoms.  At any rate,
Leadbeater teaches that your permanent atoms "augment" or actually
grow, as you unfold your latent spirtual potentialities.  In some
respects, this is similar to your idea quoted above.

<We could, in theory,produce gravitrons sufficient to cause levitation,
for example.  I am convinced that all known psychic phenomena can be
explainedin terms of consciousness causing changes to subatomic
particlesin various parts of the body (kundalini being one such area).
Mybasic premise is that Einstein's spacetime continuum of
fourdimensions is really a fiveCdimensional continuum with theaddition
of consciousness, which physicists have ignored in allof their
equations.  >

Ok, I've not read your theories so I have to be careful here.  However,
I have a lot of expereince of trying to mix science and occultism so,
on this basis, let me offere a kind word of warning.  Its probably a
little too much to state <all known psychic phenomena can be explained
in terms of consciousness causing changes to subatomic particles> for
at least two reasons: Frist because I strongly believe that phyicists,
in spite of all their high falutent posturing, don't really have the
slightest clue as to what all of thier expereimental results mean.  And
secondly, the reality of psychic phemonea, which stem from the mind,
and from human consciousness, I do not believe can be explained in
terms of things physicsts have described.  I'm very sceptical of the
claims of scientists.  As I said in the previous letter, its unwise to
believe what another scientist says unless you can repeat his results.
Often this is not practical, but still, there is a tremendous amount of
unfounded dogma in science.  And I think the amount of dogma and B.S.
is proportional to the amount of publicity that any branch of science
gets.  So, subatomic physics is high publicity, therefore it is high
B.S., which means, be careful about what you believe! But more
importantly in my mind, I do not think you can explain mind and
consciousness, let alone psychic abilities in physical terms.  That is
the key phrase here; physical terms.  In my book, I go to great lengths
to show that to explain mind, the relationship between mind and matter,
and psychic abilities, you need to introduce the idea of "nonphysical'
matter.  In short, nonphysical matter is the seven interpenetrating
planes of Nature that all occultists describe, but were described
especially clearly by Annie Besant and C.W.  Leadbeater.  In other
words, the bottom line of my ideas is that our present sciences;
physics, chemistry, physiology, ect.  are *completely and wholley
inadequate* to explain life as we expereince it directly.  I am more
sceptical towards modern science than anything else.  This is because I
do science for a living and I get to see all the crap that goes on
behind the scences, and believe me, there's a lot of wool being pulled
over the general public's eyes by scientists.  Its a "blind leading the
blind" situation.  I think occultism, and especially the teachings of
Theosophy, are a broader form of science.  Science as we know it today
cannot and will not explain occultism.  this was the mistake
parapsychoilogy made: thinking it could, with its meager tools, explain
centuries of occultism.  How presumptuious can you get?! Its the other
way around.  Occultism can explain all the mysteries unknown to modern
science.  This is a very involved topic.  My book is 300 pages long and
barely scratches the surface.  However, I'm overjoyed that these issues
have come up and I strongly suggest we continue to discuss them.  Right
now, let me comment on other parts of your last letter.

<although he was clearly wrong in one thing C Goddoes appear to play
with dice.>

I don't want to get into the subtleties of quantum mechanics here, but
I have to agree with Einstein.  God does not act in a random manner.
Randomness in science is a reflection of our ignorance of cause and
effect.  Again, this is one place where occultism outshines modern
science.  What did Blavatsky always say? "There is no such thing as a
miracle" or something like that.  Blavatsky always said that Nature
works according to comprehendible laws, and with this I fully agree.  I
think the trend towards accepting quantum mechanical randomness
reflects the degeneracy of the values of our culture.  That is, its not
even a scientific question as far as I'm concerned.  Its a moral
question and our scientists don't have very good morals.  They have
poor morals actually.  Again, a very involved topic that we can get
into deeper as we proceed.

<If our karmais such that we want enlightenment in this lifetime and
arewilling to accept the risks, then so be it (this is my ownpersonal
path and I don't recommend it for everyone).  >

I fully agree with this.  And I think its important that others, even
though this may not be their path, at least recognize that its a valid
option for those whose path it is.

<suggested that we are entering a new 'western occultism' with new
rules and techniquesto fit our western constitutions.>

I also have some insight along these lines.  On one hand, I agree fully
with Dane Rudhyar that ours is a culture in decay and decadence.  Fast
food, planned obsolecesne, mass markets, over population, crime,
corrupt politics; all this points to the fact that we live in a
decaying social order.  As such, anything this social order touches
decays.  Thus, you have these ancient practices such as yoga, and they
are denigrated by our generally lazy and fast-food oriented culture.
We want instant results and thus, we don't practice to create
perfection, we seek methods to speed up production, methods to produce
instant gratification.  This, again, is a sign of a decaying culture.
However, again, along Dane Rudhayr's line of thought, there is an even
greater historical event unfolding right now.  Even though Western
civilization is a senile old fart of a civilization on its last
decrepid leg, there is the surfacing of the next level of Human
evolution as a whole - occuring right now as we speak.  This event
transcends any culture or any single civilization.  Most likely, our
very civilization will provide the fodder, the humus, for the rise of
the next level of human evolution.  And my sense is that this next
stage of human evolution will be one "independant interdependance' for
lack of a better term.  What I mean by this is captured beautifuly in a
quote by Dane Rudhyar:

"We are living in a psychological century in a time of total revolution
and hopefully, at the threshold of a new age in which individuals will
be able to encounter openly the universe and all experience without
intermediaries forcing social, religious or ethical categories upon

Dane Rudhyar, The Sun Is Also A Star, (1975)

In my mind, this quote says it all: "..without intermediaries forcing
social, religious or ethical categories.." How quickly or slowly this
will occur, who's to say? Its the direction Humanity is moving, but it
could be millenia before this spirit has captured the whole of the
race.  At any rate, I don't necessarily agree that this "western
occultism' is anything more than a mere shadow of things to come.  The
"things to come" is a keynote of spiritual energy that has already been
sounded and ever so slowly the vibe is irreversibly altering all of
Humanity.  I suspect that when this vibe has run its course, there will
no longer be any such thing as "occultism", for what we today consider
"occult" menaing "hidden" or "concealed" will eventually come again to
the surface of our consciousness and just be the normal course of
events in human life.

So, that's enuff for now.  I invite all comments and criticisms from
any of the group members.

All my best to everyone,


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