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Re: Is the Third Objective Collecting Dust?

Dec 29, 1999 02:07 AM
by Murray Stentiford

Replying to Jerry:

[Murray:]<<Crucial to all this, hinted at by the phrase "powers latent in
man", is the realisation that the key tool of this investigation is the
human psyche itself. ....

[Jerry:]<<Please tell me who, other than a handful (CWL, Hodson, Kuntz, and
a couple of others all from Adyar) have done anything at all on this
object?  I exclude, of course, Chuck and myself.  The Adyar TS is the
only one, as far as I know, that will even consider this objective as a
viable TS activity.  The other TSs shun it because it smacks too much
of magic (which is the theory and practice of developing and using just
those latent powers).>>

Here's an interesting pointer from an information pamphlet for
correspondents by Olcott and Blavatsky, 1878. Extracting a few bits
relevant to the 3rd Object:

The objects of the society are various:
It influences its fellows to acquire an intimate knowledge of natural law,
especially its occult manifestations. Man should aim to solve the mystery
of his being. ...and having inherited the nature of the unknown but
palpable Cause of his own creation, must possess in his inner, psychical
self, this creative power in lesser degree. He should therefore study to
develop his latent powers, and inform himself respecting the laws of
magnetism, electricity and all other forms of force, whether of the seen or
unseen universes.
-----end of quote-----

Blavatsky is said to have written this part of the pamphlet, so there it
is, from the horse's mouth.

There are people doing psychic archaeology and umpteen other things these
days - all outside the TS, as far as I know.


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