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Re: Is the Third Objective Collecting Dust?

Dec 28, 1999 09:56 PM
by ramadoss

At 02:30 PM 12/28/1999 -0500, Gerald Schueler wrote:
>[Murray:]<<Crucial to all this, hinted at by the phrase "powers latent in
man", is the realisation that the key tool of this investigation is the
human psyche
itself. That the awakening of its potential is essential to this
exploration, and that the potential itself is a rightful concern of the
>Please tell me who, other than a handful (CWL, Hodson, Kuntz, and
a couple of others all from Adyar) have done anything at all on this
object?  I exclude, of course, Chuck and myself.  The Adyar TS is the
only one, as far as I know, that will even consider this objective as a
viable TS activity.  The other TSs shun it because it smacks too much
of magic (which is the theory and practice of developing and using just
those latent powers).

Jerry S.<

For TS(Adyar), CWL is  the only officially accepted spokesperson on all
matters relating to the unseen side. Of course many, even today many
blindly believe everything CWL has said, because blind belief is easy and
does not require any work!

Even Hodson's experience is only partially accepted -- we all saw the
difficulty in getting his diaries published because he talks of
communications with some Adepts.

Hopefully, in the next millenium, we may see in the cyberspace feedback
from people who have first hand knowledge either to confirm or deny some of
the things written about the unseen world.


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