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RE: Theos-Talk is Unmoderated

Dec 28, 1999 04:44 PM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Dec 28th

Writing as one of the "fundamentalists: I would say that if there
is something to be discussed, then we might as well have the same
basis from which to view it.  It is somewhat dangerous to deal
with electrical repairs at home if one is unacquainted with the
theory and practice of an electrician -- at least one might save
ones' self from a nasty shock.

Theosophy has such a basis,  and H.P.Blavatsky exposed this as
she presented it.  It is not being a "fundamentalist" if she is
quoted or offered to those who desire to find out what THEOSOPHY
has to say about various subjects.

To wander around without much of an objective, is both a waste of
time and a distraction of those who are newcomers or serious
inquirers.  So why not offer some of the THEORY?  Why not refer
to it as something that is VALUABLE ?

If anyone desires to find out what THEOSOPHY has to say on a
subject why not start with the KEY TO THEOSOPHY (310 pages)  by
HPB ?  It is not very long and it covers the field.  If one
desires a shorter book that gives a synopsis of the contents of
THE SECRET DOCTRINE, then try and read Mr. Judge's THE OCEAN OF
THEOSOPHY (190 pages).  If one desires a still shorter but very
deep view, then the 30 page, EPITOME OF THEOSOPHY provides that.

Theos-talk is an open forum where anyone can ask questions of
Theosophy, and there are those who read the postings and try to
provide straight and basic answers or give references to which
the inquirer could go to find out for himself.

One of the good things about it is a that there are no
"authorities," and no "Leaders" there -- there is a group of
students that are seeking to work together and to find out
something that is very deep in its
scope and range.  theosophy is for the common man but also
provides the scholar with food for his thought and development.
Theosophy is essentially a way of looking at the world and all
that is working in and on it, from the point of very ancient
history.  This lore is found to provide as a result of its
antiquity a basis for the Laws and Rules of nature that operate
in what is called its secret side.  Science, philosophy  and
psychology are constantly trying to delve deeper into that which
NATURE, our whole environment already gives us.  It is mysterious
because it takes a lot of effort to get at the operation of its
laws and practices.  But that can be done by those who persist
and have patience.

Jerry often offers very good advice and deserves to be listened
to.  And his questions are thought-provoking.

Best wishes,


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> Date: Tuesday, December 28, 1999 11:36 AM
> From: Gerald Schueler []
> Subject: Theos-Talk is Unmoderated

<<However, isn't theos-talk ("the other one") a moderated list?
I don't
of any instance where Eldon censured anyone, but the thought that
he would
makes me a tad bit edgy.>>

No, its not moderated. But it has been taken over by a bunch of
fundamentalists who attack any new thought or new viewpoint and
I have been ignoring it hoping that they would go away. This is
of the difficulties one runs into with unmoderated list. This
list had
much the same problem a year or so ago when it divided into two
major camps (progressives vs fundamentalists or wolves vs sheep)
and I sincerely hope that this won't happen again.

Jerry S.

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