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Re: On music

Dec 27, 1999 01:39 PM
by Maureen Fitzgerald

On 12/21/99, "" wrote:
> Maureen wrote:
> >Makes me ponder over the power of music.

> Kym wrote:

> "Musical harmony also is not destitute of the gifts of the stars; for it is
> a most powerful imaginer of all things, which whilst it follows opportunely
> the celestial bodies, doth wonderfully allure the celestial influence, and
> doth change the affections, intentions, gestures, motions, actions, and
> disposition of all the hearers, and doth quietly allure them to its own
> properties, as to gladness, lamentation, to boldness, or rest, and the
> like; also it allures beasts, serpents, birds, dolphins to the hearing of
> its pleasant tunes."
>> 				Agrippa: "Three Books of Occult Philosophy"

> K.

And it also causes the government to take whatever measures necessary to
suppress anything they feel might rile the masses!


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