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Re: theos-l digest: December 15, 1999

Dec 27, 1999 12:16 PM
by Maureen Fitzgerald

On 12/16/99, ""JRC" <>" wrote:

> Wow! (Let this be known as the "Wow" posting). Another one that completely
> misunderstood that post. Also noticed no one managed to argue the point of
> it - merely looked at me with the self-righteous scorn of common to the
> golden rulers. - C. JRC. (har har har).

I rather supect I am the "no one" referred to above- am I?  Now, what is
the exact post that was misunderstood?  And do you find me- or better yet,
do I find me- self righteous?  Well- to be honest, my moral viewpoints are
as fallible as anyone's, even yours.  Scorn?  Not by a long shot!

PS   Let me set the record straight, though.  Despite what either you or
katinka thought, my 12/2 post was not about YOU specifically; maybe
marginally, but not specifically.  That you chose to take it so reflects
your issue, not mine.  The KJR posts were meant as a service.  I would have
appreciated that feedback myself, having spent mucho years walking around
with bruises on my chin.

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