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Re: officers

Dec 22, 1999 06:58 AM
by ramadoss

At 08:12 AM 12/22/1999 -0800, you wrote:
>>Of course, lost in
all this is the fact that by all objective measures, the TS as a formal
organization is doing very poorly, is out of touch with the current
world, and may not last more than a couple of more decades.<<

Well said.

So long as there is money, the organization will continue to exist -- like
a terminally ill patient -- who may last for a long time.

With the current changing environment where communication plays a very key
role, the role of formal organizations in matters which are keyed to
personal growth -- not following a so called leader -- has diminished and
is likely to go away.

Of course those interested in titles and levels of apparent importance and
silk underwear and pompous regalia will continue to cling to organizations;
but those brave self searching souls do not need organizations or any of
these things.

Organizations may continue purely as business operations - publishing,
conducting paid meetings, paid retreats all dealing with money making or
breaking even -- not with anything to do with spirituality.

It would be fun watching the developments in next century.


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