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RE: JRC- in from the cold, but quickly getting hotter

Dec 17, 1999 10:13 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Dec 16th

Dear Patty:

THE ONE SPIRIT pervades everything without exception and is
therefore present at the core of our own being.-- symbolically --
in the Heart.

This makes us brothers and sisters of equality and potential that
is identical -- the SPIRIT unites us all the time, but because we
are at present "clothed" in matter (called by us our
"personality") we do not fully realize this.  Our selfishness is
the result of thinking that our present form is the most
important thing.  That is true up to a point.

If you wish to secure a view of how theosophy looks at our world,
do get a copy of HPB's KEY TO THEOSOPHY and take time to read it.
It is only 300 pages long and there is a lot that is interesting
and valuable in it.

One ought to sense that and realize that the quality of wisdom
that anyone expresses depends on the ability to understand that
all the virtues and the guides to better living reside in the
concept of Universal Brotherhood which treats all beings and all
events  in our lives as spiritual opportunities to do "good" to

The "golden rule" is the closest and most succinct way of
expressing this in our world of action and effects.  There is of
course much more.

The main ideas of theosophy are concerned with UNIVERSAL UNITY
and the causation of all things.  Human solidarity, the Law of
Karma, and Reincarnation as the human process of learning.

As goal the concept of a final wisdom and perfection is offered.
Evolution is the grand and continual process of studying
ourselves, our constitution and powers and those of Nature.
Remember that Nature already contains all.  Science is the study
of nature because the rules and laws and relationships are
already there.

We each find ourselves equipped with some personal mix of
abilities and restraints.  we ought to find out what those are
and how to guide and develop those we consider to be the most
useful for our own growth and progress, always remembering that
we inevitably share our lives with many others, whether we like
that or not.

But there may also be other opinions and what I say may be
obscure, in which case do ask again.

Best wishes,


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> Subject: Re: JRC- in from the cold, but quickly getting hotter

I must say that your response surprised me in some ways and had
me printing
out and rereading my words a number of times, to make sure, I
said what I
meant and meant what I said; I've decided I did.  Never having
mentioned the
golden rule or the "niceness" issue or even cloths or diet.  You
see, I did
not understand that you were referring to meat and nicotine when
you spoke of
drugs, sorry they never entered my mind when I read your
communication; and
as far as wine goes, forgive me if I strongly doubt the truth of
statement.  By the way, we do seem to have read the same books,
for the same
amount of years; and share admiration of H.P.B.'s iconoclastic
bluntness of
expression when she would call them as she saw them; no holds
barred.  One
last comment--If one may not idealize, at least the Masters, who
then might
one idealize ?!

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