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"Religion" INC in America?

Dec 13, 1999 06:12 AM
by Hazarapet

There are apparently some forms of
corruption in America that the former
Soviet Union did not have.

I listened (not by choice) to a
radio news broadcast in a cab
from the airport.  The story line
was "Shark! the Stockholders
sing!"  It was about a pastor
being fired from a Church Inc.,
because his last two quarterly
reports showed insufficient profits
to please the shareholders.
Capitalist religion?  What is next?
Holiday specials on indulgences?
Coin-slot pay confessionals?  Ways
to make your heavenly mansions
go condo?  Long distance charges
for prayer?  Fees for VISAs and
passports for the dying?  Court fees
for Judgment?  Communion a la carte,
drink extra?  Roundtrip charges (or
discounts?) for reincarnation?  Pay
per view beatific vision?  A spiritual
utility bill for illumination?


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