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Re: Answer to Arnaldo

Dec 09, 1999 04:16 PM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 99-12-09 19:06:36 EST, you write:

 *My* suggestion to you? Don't stay on the list because there will be
 times of no conflict, when nice, polite, calm discussion of esoteric
 minutiae takes place in controlled tones ... but rather, stay on it
 precisely *because* it will often upset you, even make you mad,
 uncomfortable, because you'll find all sorts of people acting in ways
 you'd prefer they didn't. You won't get peace here. But you might find a
 strange sort of growth. There's not all that many places that you can
 tumble around on the grass, in quite this way, with other bear cubs.

 Stomp the Terra (-:), -JRC >>

And not only is brawling good for the soul, but blood makes the grass grow!


2 Theosophists are an argument
3  Theosophists are a study center
4   Theosophists are a convention
5  Theosophists are a riot.
6  Theosophists are WWIII

Chuck the Heretic

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