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Re: Pogroms Report

Dec 09, 1999 02:32 PM
by Hazarapet

In a message dated 12/8/99 11:40:21 PM Central Standard Time,

> Do you see the annointment of K as the new World Teacher a failure?
>  mkr

Failure, yes.  But the question is failure of which party, K or TS.
I say the political chennanigans by AB and CWL around K show
the lack of any transformative spiritual power in TS.  I doubt Mahatma
contacts with them after HPB was gone.  So, K was a force they
were not prepared to deal with.  He cut through their self-
deception/suggestion and the resulting denial of the "advanced
degreed initiation" fascade they could not take.  I don't know if
there such a thing as "world teacher."  But K was impressive
spiritual force of great purity.  If there was to be such a thing from
TS, he was it.  But TS was by that time too much BS.

So, I left with puzzle.  How could so much BS produce such
a force?  I sometimes remind myself of lotus that grows in
rotten bottoms of water body.  But human is not lotus.
K not lotus.  And AB and CWL were not good gardeners.
So, thinking nobody can become such as K (whether or not
he was "World Teacher" - a thing he denied) without a teacher,
I wonder who his real teacher was (certainly not AB or CWL).


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