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Re: theos-l digest: December 08, 1999

Dec 09, 1999 01:42 AM
by kymsmith

Grigor wrote:

>Well, then those of us isolated from Adyar during Soviet years might
>be lucky in that regard.  Again, coming out of a time capsule, the whole
>Krishnamurti thing appears to show what had already gone wrong in Adyar
>TS under AB and CWL as a progressive disorder.

I did not always think this way, but I have now come to believe that Annie
Besant's belief about Krishnamurti being something akin to a "chosen one"
is not any different than those who want desperately to believe that Jesus,
Mohammad, Buddha, et. al, are people 'not of this world.'  So many people
wish to have a "messiah" - I see the 'Theosophical Masters' as part of that
phenomena as well.  For many people Krishnamurti, Jesus, Buddha, the
Masters, all provide hope and a glimpse into further Truth for some people
- which, in itself and taken in with a discerning mind is not such a bad
thing.  Humans need and want someone who is "different" - someone who
provides them something they cannot seem to find elsewhere.

Annie Besant's betrayal of her own beliefs and moral system regarding
Leadbeater, though, is distressing.  I honestly believe she thought he was
guilty and that something should have been done.  But, perhaps, she was too
afraid of what it might do to the movement itself.  She bucked the system
once, and her husband ended up taking her children from her - I am sure
part of that profound fear of loss remained.  The human part of us and the
spiritual part of us are continually in conflict - and the human often
seems to "win."  Besant must now, in some way, carry forward and correct
the harm done by someone she respected - just as some humans must correct
the harm done by their own loved ones to others.  All who remain silent in
cases of child abuse (or any abuse) are, in some way, responsible for the

But, Annie Besant, like no other Theosophist of her time, was able to
translate Theosophy into a language that many people could understand.  She
wasn't into keeping the 'pearl' for herself or a select few.  She stood out
from the others in that regard - and she was disliked for that as well.

Being human is a tough and rough road; a messy business.  I don't recommend
it to anyone.


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